Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle – Model 8500




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Ruger ar 556 for sale

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ruger ar 556 accessories for sale

Our Ruger ar 556 for sale Semi-Auto Rifle works with a conventional, direct-impingement framework. A 6-position M4-style buttstock permits quick change as per the dress and strategic stuff the client wears, or for moving from open conditions to restricted living arrangements. The standard strategic handguard is produced using heat-safe, glass-filled nylon. The medium shape cold mallet manufactured barrel has a 1:8″ turn rate that balances out slugs from 35 to 77 grains. A Ruger flash hider is joined to the barrel with a 1/2″- 28 string. The barrel nut and delta ring are intended for 1-individual expulsion and establishment of most standard carbine length handguards. The anodized flattop upper recipient is produced using aviation grade 7075-T6 aluminum, and incorporates a forward help, dust cover, and metal redirector. The Rapid Deploy collapsing back sight adapts to windage and rise, and creases far removed when optic sights are utilized; the A2-style front sight post is height flexible (incorporates front sight apparatus). The Ruger AR 556 for sale Semi-Auto Rifle accompanies one 30-or 10-round magazine. Works with 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington ammo.

used ruger ar 556 for sale

6-position M4-style buttstock

Warmth safe handguard

Medium shape barrel

1:8″ rifling turn

Anodized flattop upper recipient

Forward help and residue cover

A2-style front sight

Collapsing back sight

ruger ar 556 for sale


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